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Media Diary - Pt.1

I've been working on this Media-diary project for a couple of days now and man it's hard to find an appropriate music API with all the information.


  • Has all of the appropriate information. But guess what. It doesn't have a release date D:

iTunes Store

  • Although it has an appropriate search for information there's no appropriate way of getting some kind of distinction


  • Has all of the information, but no wiki. At all. Even though it's listed on their website. What a weird way of building out your information.

Maybe it'd be good to just have my own API call from different APIs into a single one. But that doesn't really make sense.

I feel like this should be a lot easier. All I want is to get the information and display some kind of details about it. But nothing comes close to what MovieDatabase has. That API is beautiful.

Here's the info so far :D

Jhon Paredes